Lighting Installation Services

Lighting Installation Services in Prince George

Our team of electricians can take care of you and your property. Lighting systems need to be installed with several things in mind: safety, energy efficiency, quality manufacturing, innovation, and accordance to code. As electricians, we specialize in providing creative and reliable lighting solutions for Prince George homes. We provide prompt service, responding quickly to customer inquiries and are equipped to handle any issue regarding residential lights. We take great pride in our quality of work and offer great service at an affordable price. From start to finish, we will care for your property as if it were our own, leaving it clean, functioning, and optimized. If you need lighting installation, maintenance, or repair in Prince George BC, contact our experts at BPM Home Services today!

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Lighting Installation and Repair Services in Prince George

We do all sorts of home lighting designs. With every case, we strive to provide reliable, safe, energy efficient, and innovative solutions to our customers. These include:

Feature Services: 

  • Recessed lighting: a streamlined lighting solution, these fixtures are hidden within a ceiling or similar surface so only the trim and bulb are visible.
  • Accent lighting: to add dramatic effect or emphasize a feature and/ or object, accent lighting can be installed inside or outside of a home.
  • Track lighting: often used as a form of accent lighting, track lighting draws the eye to a particular area and adds focus to certain features.

Standard Services:

  • Kitchen lights 
  • Bathroom lights
  • Holiday lights
  • Landscape lights
  • Security lights (e.g., motion sensors)
  • Lighting control (e.g., dimmer switches)
  • Energy-saving LED lights
lighting installation procedure
lighting installation services - before and after

Other Electrical Services

  • Electrical Panel Services. Proper electrical panel maintenance is crucial to a home's ability to function safely. Our BPM contractors provide quick and efficient electrical panel services to ensure it is up to code, meets all necessary requirements, and is completed with minimal interruption to your day. 
  • Sub Panels. An overloaded electrical panel can be problematic for several reasons. If your main panel is getting a little cramped, we can install an additional sub panel with new circuits to protect and optimize your home's electrical system. 
  • Wiring & Outlets. Whether simple or complex, any wiring and outlet work requires the attention of a skilled and qualified electrician. Our team can update wiring and outlets for new appliances, upgrade equipment, optimize for energy efficiency, and more.
  • Lighting Installation. Looking for "lighting installation Prince George" to illuminate your home in the right way? No matter how challenging or simple the project, our team of electrical contractors are up to task.
  • Commercial Services. We offer solutions to commercial and industrial properties throughout British Columbia. Whether an office building needs electrical maintenance or a property in construction needs new electrical installed, BPM has the means to get it done.
  • Energy-Saving Solutions. Our team can upgrade and install new energy-saving devices to improve the efficiency of your home or business. Not only will this eliminate unnecessary energy usage, but it will also save you money on your electrical bill. 

Home Automation. Want to make your home smarter? We can help determine the tech level that is right for your home and scale our services to meet your needs. Whether you want to control your lighting systems remotely, increase home security, or reign in your energy usage with a smart thermostat, our experts have all the savvy solutions.

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Why Choose BPM Home for Your Lighting

We care about our customers. At BPM Home Services, we strive to make lasting and meaningful connections with our customers. Over the years, our company has grown mainly through customer referrals, showing our commitment to quality, professionalism, and attention to detail. No matter how simple or daring the project may be, client satisfaction is our top priority. We won't call it a day until our work meets our high and competitive standards.