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BPM Home Services provides fully certified, insured, and professional tile installation in Prince George, BC. As specialists in residential flooring installation, we are experts in various flooring mediums, specifically tiles. From establishing a budget to sourcing tiles to applying the last swipe of grout, our quality of work and affordability cannot be beat. 

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Implementing tiles into your home design can create an entirely new ambiance. They can introduce light, depth, and opulence into a space, making any room feel bigger and brighter than ever. As most flooring needs to be replaced periodically, we can help you find the right tile to match your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you want a spa-like bathroom, a no-fuss kitchen floor, or a new look for your patio, tile flooring holds endless potential.

With that said, it is important to pick the right tile for your project. Depending on where the installation is taking place, the right selection of tile will differ greatly. Do you want to accent your kitchen with a new backsplash? Or are you replacing some outdated vinyl, carpet, or laminate flooring? This will determine which type of stone is best for your home renovation. How so? Well, while all types of tile can be installed on walls, not all tile is suitable as flooring. To ensure you choose the ideal tile for your home renovation project, we will walk you through all the possibilities.

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BPM Home Service: Your Prince George Tile Contractors

Why choose us for your design project in Prince George? As a company, we stand by our quality of work. Our many years of experience working in residential and commercial properties throughout British Columbia has refined our capabilities to provide outstanding services, including professional installation of tile floors. Through every step of the process, we are determined to provide you with unbeatable customer service. From the initial consultation to the tile selection to the installation, we can upgrade your space and quality of life. 

A family-run business, our passion and experience will ensure your home renovation needs are taken care of. We are a small establishment which allows us to be thorough and intentional with each job we take on. As such, we maintain a reputation of excellence with our artisan-level tile flooring installations and unmatched workmanship. If you put your trust in us for your next project, we are confident you will be pleased with our work.

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Types of Tile Flooring

  • Porcelain. Porcelain tile is fired at very high temperatures, making it incredibly dense and durable. A porcelain glazed tile has a PEI rating of 5, making it great for high traffic areas and outdoor use due to its low absorption rate and frost resistance. 
  • Ceramic. Made from a mixture of red or white clay, sand, and natural materials, ceramic tiles are typically used for wall tile. Affordable and low-maintenance, ceramic tile is a great way to make an aesthetically pleasing impact on a budget. 
  • Marble. Marble tile has been used as flooring for many centuries and is known for its inherent, timeless beauty. The most luxurious tile on the market, this natural stone should be cleaned and sealed annually to maintain its opulent appearance. 
  • Limestone. While pure limestone is nearly solid white in colour, the limestone tile seen in homes ranges from cream to black with accents of pink, brown, red, and gold. With a soft, matte finish, this stone floor is naturally porous and must be sealed to prevent stains. 
  • Travertine. Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed in hot springs causing millions of holes to develop inside the rock. Available in a range of colours, from light cream and dark brown to red and gold, travertine tiles give off a beautiful rustic design. 
  • Slate. Slate tiles have an earthy appearance and provides natural anti-slip traction but can be polished to have a slicker, smoother surface. Unlike other natural stone materials, slate retains heat, making it perfect for cold climates or spa-inspired bathrooms. 

Granite. Formed by volcanic action, granite is the most wide-spread igneous rock containing elements of quartz, mica, and feldspar to give unique fleck of colour to every tile. Granite tiles are the hardest and most durable stone available, offering unmatched heat, stain, and scratch resistance.

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